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International Development

A journey full of forefront, starting from Greece. The course of ALUMIL is characterized by international growth and continuous investment. Gradually, over the 30-year company’s presence in the industry, subsidiaries are established in all 5 continents in over 20 countries. Discover the progress of our company in international markets over the last three decades!

In 1997 the company takes the decision of expansion outside of Greece. ALUMIL ROM is the first foreign-owned subsidiary. For the needs of the new subsidiary, warehouses are being purchased in Bucharest, while four additional warehouses are being rented in corresponding cities. Ten years later (2007) ALUMIL ROM is listed on the country's stock exchange.


As the country's needs grow steadily, in 1998 the company takes the next major step in its investment policy and proceeds to the founding of ALUMIL ALBANIA SH.P.K. in order to better cover the excess demand. With the establishment of the industrial complexes in the country in 2005, ALUMIL's production power is significantly enhanced.


The same year (1998), ALUMIL BULGARIA was established as a natural development of the Group's expansion in the Balkans, aiming at greater penetration of both the local and the wider Balkan markets.


After the application of company's extrovert policy, its reputation is steadily growing and in 1999, in order to meet the needs of the market in north-eastern Europe, the new subsidiary was founded in Ukraine, ALUMIL UKRAINE. Thus, strong foundations are put in place to successfully serve the ever-increasing needs and demands.


2000 marks the start of the new millennium and is a milestone for the Group, with the creation of four subsidiary companies. The beginning comes with the establishment of ALUMIL SKOPJE in FYROM. By this way, ALUMIL's instance in the Balkans and the local market is enhanced.


As a "weapon" its innovative systems, that launches in the market, ALUMIL in 2000 takes the next step, this time in a familiar place for the Greeks. A new subsidiary, ALUMIL MILONAS CYPRUS, is established as a natural result of meeting the needs of the local market in Cyprus.


Another one big step is being reached in the company's ever-growing course, and the new millennium (2000) is marked by its penetration into the markets of the Arab world. In order to achieve its goal, it has reached an initial agreement with the main shareholder of an Egyptian aluminium extrusion company for the acquisition of the majority stake. The new subsidiary now receives the identity of ALUMIL and is renamed to ALUMIL MISR. At the same time, in order to meet the needs arising in peripheral products beyond the systems, a new profile and accessories trading company is established, ALUMIL MISR for accessories.


The new year of 2000 comes to an end with the purchase of land in the Frankfurt area, where the ground is being prepared for the construction of privately-owned warehouses that are going to serve directly Germany's needs. At the same time, the Group keeps growing and proceeds to the establishment of the new subsidiary company ALUMIL DEUTCHLAND, aiming to promote the innovative products of the company in the very demanding German market.


The company's investments in the Balkans bring great results and its strong consolidation in the region comes as a natural improvement. Thus, in 2001, two (2) subsidiaries were established in Serbia to promote products in the local market. Two years later, in 2003 the implementation of the agreed investment plan led to the establishment of another subsidiary, ALUMIL COATING. The annual production capacity of the company is significantly increased as the construction of the Serbian industrial complexes is completed in 2005. Finally, the absorption of ALUMIL COATING by ALUMIL YU INDUSTRY S.A. is dome.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

After Serbia, in 2004 comes into the strategic investment plan a neighboring country. In a large market and a focal point between the Balkans and the rest of the European world, the company decided the purchase of the Bosnian Aluminium Industry ALUPRO, whose assets reach 10 million euros.


The presence of the company in the Balkans is constantly strengthening and in 2005 ALUMIL MONTENEGRO is founded. The establishment of the new subsidiary reflects the Group's dynamic grow in the aluminium sector and the ever-increasing demand for the pioneering systems produced by.


The growth and penetration of the company takes place throughout the whole European area and after the strong presence of ALUMIL in the Balkans, Central Europe is an attractive market for the Greek company with many prospects. In 2006 the subsidiary ALUMIL FRANCE S.A.S. is established and it is responsible for the highly demanding market of France.

United Arab Emirates

In 2007, the presence of the company in the Persian Gulf area is reinforced by the creation of the new subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates called ALUMIL GULF, which will later be renamed ALUMIL Middle East. The investments made in this rich country will be a reference point for the company, which leads and innovates by implementing impressive projects.


In 2008, ALUMIL goes across the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean, and the year is marked by the establishment of the subsidiary ALUMIL North America in the United States of America. The main purpose of the newly established company is to promote its architectural systems coming with many custom-made solutions in the wider North American region. The market penetration of the company is intense, and its pioneering systems are gaining credibility and reputation. A landmark for the US subsidiary will be a major project in 2013 with 3,500 windows for Google Inc. headquarters in the New York City.


With the independence gained of the Republic of Kosovo in 2008, ALUMIL decides to strengthen its presence and meet the needs of the Balkans by establishing an additional subsidiary in 2009 called ALUMIL KOSOVO SH.PK. With the consolidation of the company in all markets of the Balkan countries, ALUMIL's capacity and reputation make it now a leader in the aluminium industry in Southeastern Europe.


A large and highly demanding market is added to the ALUMIL’s expansion plan in 2010, the Russian one. The new subsidiary established, ALUMIL YUG, now takes into responsibility to cover an extremely demanding and huge market, with the main purpose of delivering more efficient and directly its products and services.


The African continent is a major challenge for the company, which decides to face with it through the difficult task of expanding its activity in Kenya. In 2014, the Group takes the next step with the establishment of a new subsidiary, ALUMIL KENYA. Kenya's fast-growing market welcomes ALUMIL's innovative systems.


The last stop in the Balkans is Croatia. In 2014, the ALUMIL ZAGREB subsidiary is established in the capital of the Balkan country, with the primary goal of delivering more efficient and faster the local market services.


The strategic expansion of the company to the Asian market is characterized in 2015 by the establishment of another subsidiary based in New Mumbai, India. ALUMIL SYSTEMS INDIA will serve the local market, offering advanced aluminium architectural systems with high performance and specifications.


The presence of the company in the neighboring country has been strong since the beginning of 2000 and Turkey's constantly increasing market is characterized by highly demanding building needs. Therefore, a strategic decision is taken to establish the subsidiary ALUMIL EGE based in Smyrna is taken in 2015.


Now the five continents are conquered by the Greek company, which expands its activity in Oceania. Thus, in 2015 a new subsidiary, ALUMIL OCEANIA, will be established. Headquartered in Australia and more particular in Sydney, the newly established subsidiary is responsible for the effective promotion of the innovative products, by participating in small and large construction projects throughout the country.