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Factors Affecting the Perfomance of Frame

Window orientation and placement

Position & Orientation

A frame's position is another feature that significantly influences your final choice on frames. Sun exposure, weather conditions, wind pressure and the frame's orientation are factors that have to be considered (ex. for northern orientated windows, choosing energy inefficient frames is not advised, due to immense energy losses. Simultaneously, southern orientated windows are subjects to more solar radiation).

Frame Design

A frame's operation can play a vital role in its selection, as it affects ventilation, cleaning, shading, and functionality.
Window Design
Glass Choice


A notable feature, as glazings are very important for a frame's energy efficiency. Modern glazings comply with energy efficiency standards, and newer two or three sash glazings, with one or two spaces between them for better insulation against heat and sounds, are quickly replacing older models. Energy efficient glazings can get expensive, but they can be seen as an investment, yielding savings to your energy expenses in the long term.

Frame Shading

An opening's orientation affects sun shading. For northern openings, simple horizontal systems (moving or stable) provide better shading, as solar rays reflect from a higher point during summer, compared to winter. Moreover, for northern openings, shading systems aren't necessary. For eastern and, especially, western openings, tilted vertical systems are advised, as those openings are subject to direct solar radiation during afternoon hours.
Window shading
Choosing Windows