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The OAK Hotel


The Industrial look is the dominant style adopted by the architectural office G.L.C. + Partners when designing the unique hotel "OAK" in Keramoti, Kavala. 


A bright combination of earthy colour tones such as white, brown, and blue, grab the attention of the visitors. The minimal aesthetics stands out through the simple and strict design lines, which move on the vertical and horizontal axis, emphasizing, even more, the "absolute" industrial style of the hotel. The exaggeration does not fit on this project, as its simplicity lets the visitors fully enjoy the facilities, which provide an excessive luxury to any service. The hotel consists of visible concrete, wooden constructions for shading and furniture, and aluminium systems in dark shades that cover its openings and complete the industrial look desired by the architects. The large and numerous openings of the building allow the natural light to penetrate inside the hotel, achieving a mental elevation from the very first daylight of the morning and offering an unobstructed view of the external environment. Regarding the design and decoration of the interior, a common aesthetic of industrial choices is followed. Emphasis is placed on lighting (hidden and not), alternating dark and light tones, and some artistic details, such as paintings inspired by the unique style of the famous Danish painter Mondrian.


Architects: G.L.C. + Partners

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