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Navy is an event, entertainment, multi-activity, and leisure space, but at the same time a remarkable architectural project. Its design is inspired by the water element, the riverside beauty, the freedom of available space, and the activities taking place there. 


Located on a canal of the Dnieper River, in the surroundings of the capital city of Kiev, the Navy manages to offer a lot of different activities, combining the luxury character of a yachting club, a high-class restaurant, and unique space for event and weddings, with the street food, music concerts, playground, and a swimming pool for more fun to the youngers. There is large parking which welcomes the visitors and let them comfortably park their car. After getting into Navy they meet on their right hand the playground and on the other side the swimming pool and the imposing complex building that stands behind the marina. The design lines are simple and clear, with the only exception of the sharp but wavy architectural design in the shelter of the open space (balcony) of the first level, which is added to its white color that contrasts with the rest of the building. Large openings covered with high-end curtain walls, offer panoramic view of the eye-catching landscape which combines the blue color of the Dnieper River and the green of the nature that surrounds it. The small marina perfectly keeps the philosophy of minimal design while offers maximum functionality and ease of access to the members of the yachting club. Concluding, the Navy is the perfect case when searching for architectural projects that connect the elements of earth and water under a common design.

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1500 sq.m
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