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Lakeside Hotel Spa & Conference Center


A modern hotel should provide comfort and a wide variety of activities to its visitors. In addition, it must have well-equipped halls for conferences and similar events. All these formed the blueprint behind the construction of the Lakeside Hotel Spa & Conference Center.


In a location with a strong natural element, in Prizren of Kosovo, the construction of a modern hotel, which will have spa facilities and conference halls proved to be an excellent choice. Next to lake Vermica and White Drin and also surrounded by imposing mountains, rises Lakeside Hotel Spa & Conference Center. The architectural studio Arbër Shala Architects included in the design of the project details that enhance the smoother connection between artificial and natural.

The main concern of Arbër Shala Architects was the creation of a landmark for South-Western Kosovo. The orientation of the building contributes to the astonishing view of the rooms. The straight lines of the structure are in line with the vision of simplicity. A construction that is not imposed but coexists with the scenery. The dominating white color that is used for the façade brings a sense of purity.

The same philosophy is followed all over the hotel. All of the rooms have a view of the natural landscape, which elevates the visitor’s experience. The hinged, thermally insulated aluminium systems play a key role in this., as they provide unimpeded natural lighting. At the same time, the curtain wall system and the impressive aluminium atrium system exceptionally complement the project both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Architects: Arbër Shala Architects

Project identity

Vërmicë, Prizren
2200 sq.m
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