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H Avenue


The architectural approach of the project is obviously influenced by post-war building philosophy, combined with certain elements of contemporary design. The building constitutes a patchwork and a kind of combination of ideas since it was taken up by a new group of architects on demand of the investor, who aimed to the creation of an entirely different character compared to the original.


In order to support the vertical lines of the building and provide balance to the horizontal, certain architectural elements were introduced in order to hide some poorly structured or sometimes unnecessary parts of the building. After removing the curtain walls from the original design approach, a white and black color palette prevailed. A simple pattern of rectangular shapes with less visible aluminum frames which differentiate each rectangular from the others, is applied to the windows. A "playful" character is also adopted in the formulation on the facade seeking to draw the attention of the passers-by. The architects' team divided the building's volumes into smaller structures in order to reduce its size and integrate it successfully to its surrounding urban character. Finally, a futuristic approach is followed in the interior design and decoration through the use of geometrical shapes and through the contrast which is created by the placement of intense colors on white canvas.

Project identity

10000 sq. m.
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