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Elementary School «Vera Miščević»

In Belegis, a Serbian village located close to the Danube River, the construction of an elementary school has been completed.

One of the main characteristics of the school’s design is the fact that it does not interrupt the influence of the river but co-exists with it in a totally harmonious way. This design by Studio A&D Architects highlights the effect of the river in the area and emphasizes the smooth transition from the natural to the artificial-built-environment. Special emphasis was placed on ease of passage through the school grounds for people with disabilities, making the building highly accessible.

The Elementary School “Vera Miščević” was equipped with hinged as well as tilt and turn aluminium systems, which contribute significantly to safety, enhancement of natural lighting, and reduction of thermal losses. At the same time, its seven entrances allow for the autonomy of different sections of the building, which can be operated separately if the need arises - for example, in situations such as a pandemic.

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Architect: Studio A&D Architects

Project identity

Belegiš, Stara Pazova
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