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EL House


When light met architecture, EL House was created. Structured to perfectly serve the functional needs and requirements, it is distinguished for the simple design lines that develop in every single axis of the three-dimensional space and for the large openings that allow light to flood the interior. 


Dias Architects chose light and earthy color tones in order to achieve brightness for both the exterior and interior of the building. EL House is a two-storey residential building. The ground floor layout organization includes a single space which consists of the living room, kitchen, and dining area. Furthermore, at the front side there is a parking lot, and at the backyard, a swimming pool framed perimetrically by grass and decking which is the perfect place to relax. The first-floor layout organization includes the private areas of the bedrooms. The solid concrete volumes of the building are combined with the hard materials of marble and large tiles of the interior, creating a single view. The large openings perfectly achieve the integration of the internal with the external environment, while at the same time they allow ease of access and provide an unobstructed view. The decoration and the furniture follow the minimal design. Moreover, the hidden lighting and the ceiling spots that installed in specific positions, transform the building into a work of art during the night.


Architects: Dias Architects 

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