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Coco-Mat Athens BC Hotel


We are in the historic center of Athens, Falirou Street 5, so close to the Acropolis and its homonym museum, to the pedestrian street of Dionysiou Areopagitou and so many other important sights of the capital city. We borrow the successful description of the hotel itself: “COCO-MAT Athens BC gives a new dimension to 5-star hospitality in the city of Athens. A hotel that brings history, nature, design and sophistication together in this impressive building right in the heart of Athens. The birds’ installation that reaches for the skies, the ancient Roman mosaic floor in our lobby, the suites that reflect outstanding hospitality, the soothing lounge, the spa and the breath-taking roof garden with views to the Acropolis and all over Athens, make your stay in COCO-MAT Athens BC an experience that you won’t find anywhere else.". 


Taking one more look at the hotel we meet common design elements from Elastic Architects who also designed the Coco-mat Athens Hotel in Kolonaki. Elements that always gather the attention of the passersby and the visitors, as they make COCO-MAT a kind of architectural oasis into the dull full of cement capital city. Wood prevails over concrete, creating patterns on the facade of the building. The elegant aluminium systems allow the free penetration of the exterior environment to the interior, but always keeping any dangerous factor away. The interior is colored of bright white and light earthy tones coming from the beech wood. The artistic decoration and the flora details in many corners of the hotel fascinate the visitors. When the night falls the whole building is lighted by the hidden lights that cover the building from the ground to its highest level, where a rooftop pool-bar offers a unique view of the Acropolis.


Architect: Elastic Architects 

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