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Alkyonides Villas & Suites


Looking at the skyline from the two villas and the one luxury suite, you have a wonderful view of the blue Ionian Sea and the Marathonisi, a small island on the south side of Zakynthos island. 


During the day the luxury villas are full of the sunlight at the mountain slope highlighting their earth colour tones coming from the brown brick tiled masonry, the aristocratic white concrete, and the blue color of the water element. While in the afternoon, during the sunset, everything changes, with the golden and orange reflections creating the illusion of a burning landscape. Architectural design lines of Giannis Kiratsous from architectural office Dedalo Progetti remain straight, simple, and strict, but without provoking nature. The Alkyonides dominate fully harmonized on the slope of the island, offering visitors an unobstructed view of the Ionian Sea. The large glass surfaces with the less visible aluminium frames emphasize the product line name of the installed aluminium systems, known as the "Phos" line (means light). While at the same time, they provide a smooth unification of the internal with the external environment. Regarding indoors, the luxury prevails with the furniture in the natural shades of wood promising calm and warmth. Giving more weight to the rich view, the interior decoration is too simple and embraces the minimal aesthetics, clearly influenced by the light summer lines that "wave" into space.


Architect: Giannis Kiratsous from architectural office Dedalo Progetti

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