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In the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus, the challenge of Michael Seroff and Sotos Papadopoulos (Seroff & Papadopoulos Architects) was to design the 3CX headquarters in Nicosia. 


From the first time, the requirements were set in the architectural idea, such as the low rise office development of the building which will be raised above the ground floor level containing the various social spaces, such as the auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasium, outdoor common lounging areas and a swimming pool. The majority of the parking is hidden away in the basement level, in order to provide usability without affecting the aesthetics. The "architectural duo" with a unique idea kept the professional activity separated from the other ones taking place on the ground floor by resting the building on columns. The reflection of the surrounding landscape through the mirror envelope of the two ‘supporting plinths’ creates the illusion of a hovering black box above. The curtainwalls that equip the building are shaded by black vertical aluminum fins and expanded galvanized metal screens providing protection from external factors and giving a sense of freedom while working. Passing into the interior of the building, the office floors are open and flexible with varying levels of privacy, clearly stating the character and philosophy of the technological company. All spaces have access to natural light and fresh air. The atrium acts both as a light source for the internal perimeter of offices and as a kind of funnel of fresh air. Finally, as there are no set working hours, since the building is planned to be used on a 24-hour basis, special emphasis was given to security measures.


Architects: Michael Seroff and Sotos Papadopoulos (Seroff & Papadopoulos Architects)

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