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As a company, we consider that knowledge is essential to our cooperation in order to build strong partnership. This is why ALUMIL Group has created a specific institute called "ALUMIL ACADEMY" in order to provide our partners with knowledge and training in technical and commercial matters. Our aim is to cooperate closely with our partners so as to increase their knowledge about our products and our business. Knowledge is power and its transmission from our Institute to our partners is essential for their growth and can show the way for success.

ALUMIL Academy

The aim of the ALUMIL Αcademy is to educate partners about ALUMIL's products and to certify those who are in accordance with the Institute's specifications and procedures.

The goals set for an educational program are divided into three basic levels, based on the principles of behavioral psychology formulated by B. Bloom and his colleagues:
knowledge, competencies and attitudes.

The objectives at the first level (knowledge) are related to all the data the partner receives in terms of information about the company and its products.

The objectives at the second level (competencies) are the opportunities the trainee will develop after the end of the program so that he can make use of the know-how, skills, qualifications or knowledge.

The objectives at the third level (attitudes) are the values ​​and, in general, the predictions that the partners will develop or acquire, which will affect their preferences and behavior for certain persons, things or situations.

The evaluation system of ALUMIL academy is taking into consideration all three levels and certifies our partners for all of them.

Education over ALUMIL products

ΑLUMIL's extensive range of aluminum architectural systems, as well as many technical issues that you may face during the projects' development, require precise information to be given to our partners. This is why ALUMIL is constantly creating knowledge material in order to educate its partners.

More precisely, ALUMIL is offering specific presentations and videos about its products and is organizing specific trainings for new products.

Learn about the trainings we provide

Our in-house industry experts share their valuable experience through Webinars and presentations about new products.

Upcoming classes: View our upcoming class schedule
Please find a list of comprehensive onsite classes. These classes are designed to give you hands on experience with products and techniques. Learn directly from experienced industry professionals at our location how to construct and install our products.

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