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Technical News

Renewal of SUPREME SD115 technical catalogue

  • Four new typologies (no 4, no 6, no 9, no 12) with the new threshold S11536 and the additional profiles S11537 & S70773 added on the technical catalogue. Τhose profiles also added in the profiles chapter
  • Accessories that added to the technical catalogue: 210-11-536-03 (Central Gasket for SD115 Threshold), 250-11-514-03 (Frame gasket SD115), 250-11-516-03 (Frame gasket SD115) & 310-11-536-00 (Threshold connection cap)
  • Central gasket 220-10-003-03 was replaced with the central gasket 250-11-514-03 in all typologies.
  • Central gasket 220-10-004-03 was replaced with 250-11-516-03 in vent-frame head condition.

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