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Fostering a sustainable future: Download our 2022 ESG Report

In 2022, our company, listed among the top 60 on the Athens Exchange ESG index, marked substantial progress in the areas of Environment, Society, and Corporate Governance.  

Rooted in a commitment to sustainability and societal well-being, our detailed 2022 ESG Report encompasses: 

  • Our initiatives to foster sustainability.  

  • The regulations we have adopted to ensure optimal corporate governance. 

  • The policies and benefits for our employees.  

  • The policies for the support of the local community.  

  • Our measures and results in environmental protection.  

  • The policies for market functionality.  

  • Our goals for 2023 in the areas of Environment, Society, Human Resources and the Market.  

Highlights from our 2022 ESG Report: 

  • Reopened plant in Xanthi, bolstering job creation and regional economic prosperity. 

  • Achieved zero incidents of severe accidents through enhanced safety measures (addition of Safety Engineers on every shift at our Kilkis facility and continuous training of our people). 

  • Doubled employee training hours from 11.027 in 2021 to 22.443 in 2022. 

  • Reduced water consumption by 14% in our facilities. 

  • Earned Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver for 34 systems, showcasing excellence in sustainability. 

  • Introduced the My Windows platform, connecting consumers with trusted window fabricators from our network. 

Download our 2022 ESG Report to delve into our actions contributing to a more sustainable future in environment, society, and corporate governance. 

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