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LEED: Our systems are aligned with environmentally friendly construction

Buildings are a significant part of daily energy consumption worldwide and are responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. It is important that, for the European Union alone, according to European Commission data, the building stock consumes over 40% of energy, a figure indicative of the energy losses from buildings. Nowadays, there is a growing emphasis on sustainable construction, promoting a greener philosophy in building design. 

What is LEED? 

LEED is one of the world's most prominent rating systems for sustainable buildings. In fact, LEED certification is pivotal for high-rise buildings, as it signifies the adoption of sustainable practices across several different factors such as materials used, location, energy consumption, water use, innovative practices, etc. 

The certifications of our systems for projects with LEED requirements 

ALUMIL systems stand out for their high performance and innovative design. At the same time, they are accompanied by a series of certifications necessary for our company's participation in projects with LEED certification as a prerequisite. Indicatively, we mention: 

EPDs: Environmental Product Declarations record the ecological footprint of a product throughout its life cycle. It is essential to note that EPDs are reported on each aluminium system (product) individually, which is crucial for LEED certification, as this is the way to achieve the maximum possible collection of credits for building certification. 

Cradle to Cradle: C2C is the global standard for safe, sustainable, and circular products. ALUMIL is the first Greek aluminium architectural systems company to receive the international Cradle to Cradle Certified® (C2C) Silver certification for a wide range of its products. 

OK Recycled: Just a few months ago, we became the first company in the domestic sector (Greece) to produce aluminium profiles with 60% recycled content of the total raw material entering production. With this certification, which we received from TÜV AUSTRIA, we are strengthening our strategy concerning environmental protection by developing eco-friendly products. 

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): A certification related to the hazardous substances emitted by a product into the atmosphere. Based on this certification, the emissions of hazardous substances regarding ALUMIL products are categorized in the best possible class, ensuring almost zero VOC emissions. 

Innovation in harmony with environmental protection 

The evolution of our company is filled with moments of progress and innovation. That is why we have placed sustainability principles at the "heart" of our corporate strategy. We are moving towards developing high-quality products that combine innovation and sustainable development. Our participation in landmark, LEED-certified projects around the world proves that we are always one step ahead, securing all the necessary certifications to demonstrate that our systems are not only highly efficient but - above all - environmentally friendly.

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