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Introducing the new Integrated Flyscreen IFS: Designed for modern living

The new horizontal motion roller flyscreen is the latest addition to our portfolio of complementary systems for windows and doors. The IFS is an innovative solution designed to seamlessly integrate into various minimal sliding systems, including SUPREME S650 PHOS and SMARTIA M630 PHOS, offering a host of benefits for both residential and commercial properties. Read our article and delve into IFS’s unique features and advantages!  

Are you a homeowner? 

If you are a homeowner, the IFS will become an effective barrier against unwanted insects, allowing you to enjoy fresh air, natural ventilation and unobstructed views without the worry of intruders. The IFS’s top-quality mesh and complete sealing ensure excellent protection against even the tiniest of bugs, maintaining a comfortable living environment during the summer days.  

Additionally, the IFS seamlessly integrates into our minimal sliding systems, contributing to an exceptional appearance while maintaining the architectural integrity of your home without compromising on functionality. The flyscreen is also available in various colours, enabling customisation options that blend harmoniously with the existing window and door systems.  

Lastly, the IFS is designed for easy and secure operation, ensuring hassle-free and safe usage for everyone, including children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities. Enhance your overall experience with smooth opening and closing and guaranteed convenience and user-friendliness!

Are you an architect? 

If you are an architect, you will find the IFS to be a valuable addition to your repertoire of design solutions, offering you the opportunity to cover large spans and create aesthetically pleasing spaces without compromising on functionality. The seamless integration of the IFS into our minimal sliding systems allows you to maintain your design vision while offering your clients an insect-free and comfortable environment.  

The customisable colour options of the IFS facilitate your creativity, as you can select from an unmatched pallet of colours, enabling the flyscreen to either blend discreetly with the surroundings or stand out as a deliberate design element. This versatility ensures that the IFS becomes an integral part of any design concept. 

Are you a fabricator? 

If you are a fabricator, you’d be pleased to know that the IFS is engineered with precision and durability, ensuring a top-quality product you can rely on. Its compatibility with our minimal sliding systems streamlines the manufacturing process, reducing installation time and costs. Additionally, its design allows you to easily assemble and install the flyscreen, optimising your workflow. This efficiency translates into improved productivity, enabling you to meet project deadlines more effectively. Seamless integration also reduces the risk of errors during installation, enhancing customer satisfaction and minimising the need for post-installation adjustments. 


Our new Integrated Flyscreen IFS proves that functional elements can enhance both the visual appeal and usability of residential and commercial properties. By providing a comprehensive solution designed for modern living, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to innovative products that meet the needs of our customers and partners.  

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