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We launched 3 new partition systems for indoor spaces

The effective partitioning of indoor spaces is highly important, as it aims to improve the working conditions, by enhancing privacy, natural lighting and the overall aesthetics. Also, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, the partition systems provide an additional protection line against the spread of the virus, whilst maintaining the transparency among spaces. ALUMIL’s three (3) new partition systems, with single or double glazing, enrich the company’s product portfolio in the partition category and offer solutions for every need.


SMARTIA P100 Slim is a minimal partition system with glazing framed by aluminium profiles and is ideal for offices. It is characterized by very thin profiles (30mm) which allow high levels of natural lighting and provide an aesthetically unique result. In addition, P100 Slim uses double glazing that contributes to the system’s total sound reduction at 47dB. SMARTIA P100 Slim is ALUMIL’s main solution for minimal glass partitions and constitutes an excellent choice for contemporary projects. Its robustness in combination with its elegant design and the broad selection of technical solutions, assure a complete designing freedom.



SMARTIA P200 Slim is ALUMIL’s new partition system, with a concealed aluminium face width (structural type). The aluminium face width (49mm) remains concealed thanks to a very thin coating layer. The system is an exceptional solution for the partitioning of work environments, as it provides significant sound reduction, enhances natural lighting and highlights modern aesthetics.


SMARTIA P150 Urban

ALUMIL’s constant aim is to meet every demand. Therefore, the company launches SMARTIA P150 Urban, an extraordinary solution for office partition systems. The series is based on single glazing that is firmly fixed on a “multi-leveled” aluminium frame (3-D). The design of P150 Urban stands out resembling steel constructions (steel look). This is the result of thin intermediate aluminium profiles that form small glass surfaces (grid). The distinctive design of the system renders it a solution that brings a special character into a space providing sufficient – for single glazing – levels of sound reduction (34 dB).


The 3 new solutions for partition systems by ALUMIL, added to the existing series P100 & P200 standard, create a complete product range in the partition category. The high robustness that is ideal for constructions of large dimensions, the high sound reduction levels, as well as the elegant and minimal design, create a great combination for efficient and aesthetically upgraded partitioning of various indoor areas.


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