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Jayabheri The Peak: ALUMIL’s systems in an Indian metropolis

Hyderabad is the 4th most populated Indian city. It is a metropolis of almost 7 million people which constitutes a commercial and business hub of east-central India. Recently, on the west side of the city, there was erected an imposing 3-tower residential complex that stands out with its design.

“The Peak” of the Jayabheri construction company consists of three 29-story towers, with the two of them connected through a flyover passage. Genesis Planners is the architectural firm responsible for the impressive project. As they mention “the design evolved from a dialogue and research into an edifice that reflects a blend of architectural philosophy and contemporary purpose”. It is worth noting that the project has received LEED certification, which proves its sustainable design and low eco-footprint of the buildings.

On The Peak’s interior, comfort and luxury play key role. The apartments provide high-quality furniture, functional spaces and unobstructed view. Both functionality and natural lighting are enhanced by ALUMIL’s aluminium systems that equip the project. More specifically, in the apartments, we find the sliding systems SMARTIA M14600 & COMFORT M900, that offer elegance and are ideal for warmer climates. In addition, The Peak has also the robust lift n’ slide SMARTIA M15000, whereas for the entrance doors there was used the thermally insulated SMARTIA M9660, a system that ensures high energy performance, increased security levels and ease of use.

“Jayabheri The Peak” in Hyderabad, is a residential project that - through its design - expresses the essence of high quality and luxurious lifestyle. ALUMIL’s systems complete the final result and highlight the construction flexibility and wide product portfolio of the company. Thus, ALUMIL brand stands at the forefront of the most emblematic projects in the world. 

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