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Sound reduction: New certifications for 4 of our systems

In the modern cities there are many types of noise that can make daily life pretty hard. According to the European Environment Agency “noise pollution is a growing problem across Europe and one which many people may not be aware of the impacts on their health”.

In ALUMIL, we develop aluminium systems, focusing on the improvement of the quality of people’s lives. Therefore, we emphasize on their efficiency regarding sound reduction, by putting our products under all the required controls, in order to certify their performance and further improve their sound insulation.

That is why we proceeded with new certifications for four (4) of our systems regarding their sound reduction levels. More specifically, we certified the thermally insulated hinged SUPREME S77, SMARTIA S67 URBAN, SMARTIA M9660 and the SMARTIA MD67 entrance door system. For the new certifications, ALUMIL cooperated with the official certification body of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Architectural Technology Laboratory. After all the necessary tests, the measurements led to the following results in terms of sound insulation:

  • SUPREME S77: 44dB
  • SMARTIA S67: 45dB
  • SMARTIA M9660: 45dB
  • SMARTIA MD67: 42dB


To give an order of magnitude regarding the level of noise reduction provided by the above systems, take into consideration that a high-traffic road produces noise levels close to 80 decibels. This means that if we have a window with a certified sound reduction of 45dB, the noise that will finally pass through will be 45dB less, being reduced to just 35dB.

It is worth noting that the above measurements, with which the systems were certified, were conducted using glazing of specific sound insulation properties. SUPREME S77 was certified with a 46 dB sound insulated glass, SMARTIA S67 URBAN with a 50dB sound insulated glass, while for M9660 and MD67, the corresponding glass had a sound insulation of 51dB.

We remain true to our vision for constant progress and construction excellence. With these new sound insulation certifications, we enhance the performance of our advanced aluminium systems and offer to our customers products that heavily contribute to the reduction of unwanted noises.

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