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SMARTIA M9660 PHOS: ALUMIL’s new system for exceptional minimal casement windows

SMARTIA M9660 is one of ALUMIL’s most successful hinged systems, with a plethora of customers choosing it along a wide variety of projects throughout the world. Recently, a new upgraded version was added to M9660, the system SMARTIA M9660 PHOS. This addition opens a new chapter on the long history of the system.

The “PHOS” philosophy is ALUMIL’s flagship when it comes to design. The inclusion of M9660 in this elite list of systems, elevates its already high capabilities. One significant change is the fact that M9660 is enriched with concealed sash typologies, something that enhances its stylistic identity. Also, the visible aluminium is decreased at 70.5 mm, meeting the contemporary architectural requirements for minimal design.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that M9660 PHOS is ideal for a holistic and unified result in the case of projects that require both standard (M9660) and minimal typologies (M9660 PHOS). SMARTIA M9660 PHOS is available in two thermal insulation versions - Standard and Hi – providing flexibility regarding its energy efficiency and total performance. The system has been certified by the internationally renowned “ift Rosenheim” institute with air-permeability at Class 4, watertightness at Class 7Α (300 Pa) and resistance against wind load at level C3/B3.

SMARTIA M9660 PHOS is a modern solution for projects with diverse needs. It is a value-for-money casement system that combines high quality, impressive design in line with the contemporary architectural trends, and most notably a competitive price making the planning of each project an easier task!

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