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SMARTIA M35: The new minimal curtain wall system with exceptional performance!

The modern architectural trends promote minimal lines, simplicity, natural light in the interior and high-performance levels that enhance sustainability. SMARTIA M35 is a contemporary curtain wall system which combines all the above, providing extended options for various projects.

The superiority of M35 lies in its flexibility and exceptional minimal design. Practically, it is a system with just 35mm of visible aluminium face width. This fact renders it an exceptional solution for projects with such a prerequisite, e.g., hotel lobbies, museum facades, exhibition spaces, shop displays and buildings that require a transparent façade in general.  

Apart from its design, M35 also stands out for its performance. The thermal insulation levels of the system are very high, totally covering the needs of each project. Similarly, the performance regarding water & air tightness is also in excellent, ensuring a safe environment, under any weather conditions. Finally, a curtain wall system is required to incorporate exceptional static performance. In this sense, M35 proves that its minimal design can be perfectly combined with robustness and static durability, being an excellent option for buildings that require both elegance and durability.

In our days, the architecturally ambitious constructions have raised the bar for any new project. The same has happened with the need for high energy performance. SMARTIA M35 is designed to meet these demands and improve buildings not only aesthetically, but also regarding thermal insulation, static robustness and air/water tightness. This high-quality system by ALUMIL, seems to tick all the boxes!

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