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National Rugby Stadium in Bucharest: Our systems equip the “house” of the popular sport

Bucharest is a city with intense character and youthful vibe. The Romanian capital is the cultural and economic center of the country. Another points of reference for the city are of course the various sports. Football is the most popular, but there is also a sport that seems to be loved throughout the country and particularly in Bucharest: rugby! It is not a coincidence that in the city stands one of the oldest rugby stadiums, which after several renovations was eventually redesigned and reconstructed.

The new National Rugby Stadium, located in the north part of the city, is a project designed by the renowned architectural office Dico & Tiganas. The vision of the architects was the construction of a modern landmark of Bucharest, which will host athletic events and at the same time will improve the aesthetics of its surroundings. One of the main principles of the design was the creation of open spaces that would enhance the communication and prevent the overcrowding. The main building part of the stadium forms a triangular shape that becomes a vast opposing volume to the impressive Cașin Monastery, which is located nearby. The basic characteristics of the building are its clear lines and the unification of the spaces. These elements make this remarkable and large construction more humane and functional.

The sense of unity among volumes of different size is underlined by the façade which plays the role of a unique white “envelope” that encloses the whole construction. In this sense, the aluminium systems that were selected are in line with this philosophy and also support the aesthetical part of the project. The curtain wall system SMARTIA M7 reinforces the natural lighting which enters the stadium facilities and the rugby field. M7 is ideal for constructions like the National Rugby Stadium, as it provides high static robustness – a prerequisite for sports arenas  – whilst its durability under extreme weather conditions effectively covers the building needs. Furthermore, one additional advanced system of ALUMIL, the thermally insulated hinged SMARTIA S67, contributes significantly to building’s identity. S67 stands out with its modern design, while its high energy performance follows the high requirements of a contemporary stadium.

The National Rugby Stadium, in Bucharest, is a spectacular addition to the cityscape. Its minimal lines and smooth co-existence with the external environment develop a citizen-friendly urban area, that sends a message of optimism and athletic spirit to everyone. ALUMIL’s participation in the creation of such a significant stadium proves the flexibility and wide variety of the company’s product solutions, when it comes to international large-scale projects.  

Photo Credits: Cosmin Dragomir

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