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SMARTIA S350 LT: New version with advanced typologies that meet every need

The thermally insulated sliding system SMARTIA S350 is well known for its straight, minimal lines and flexibility regarding its fabrication and installation process. This advanced system by ALUMIL provides now three (3) new typologies through its new version SMARTIA S350 LT. Thus, it becomes more complete, offering sophisticated solutions for each project.

The three (3) new typologies include:

  • narrow interlocking profile 25mm
  • low threshold 32mm
  • slim sash 76mm

The new typologies improve the system in many aspects. In particular, the narrow interlocking profile contributes to the aesthetic improvement endorsing a minimal approach with narrow sightlines that creates a better atmosphere for the residents. In addition, the slim sash enhances the minimal style with its minimum aluminium face width. The third typology with the low threshold is very important, as it brings ease of use and better accessibility for elderly people and children. In addition, due to its shorter dimensions it is an ideal option for frame replacement in older residencies.

The performance of S350 LT has been certified by the internationally recognized ift Rosenheim institute for the following achievements: class 4 air permeability, class 7A (300 PA) watertightness and class C2 resistance to wind load. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the three (3) new typologies can be combined perfectly with older ones that support the wider interlocking profile, a thicker sash or the normal threshold. As a result, this is an extremely flexible product that can be fabricated tailor – made, according to the special demands of each project.

SMARTIA S350 is a system that offers exceptional performance and cost efficiency. It is a value-for-money solution that is suitable for any climatic zone. Especially in cases of renovations or replacement of old frames, the system provides tremendous construction flexibility and various customization options!

The new typologies can be found on our knowledge base under the name of SMARTIA S350 LT.

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