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SMARTIA M78: Discover the new system for advanced unitized curtain walls

In the modern building industry “time is money”. Therefore, construction projects should meet the deadlines while staying within the planned budget. ALUMIL’s SMARTIA M78 is a unitized curtain wall system that can contribute to the achievement of both aforementioned goals, as it is a cost-effective solution that combines quality and ease of fabrication.

SMARTIA M78 has a variety of advantages that distinguish it from the competition. Aesthetically, it follows the global architectural trend of minimal lines. Also, its structural silicone glazing offers a sense of unity on the external surface of the façade, allowing natural light to enter unobstructed. Moreover, the system’s installation becomes remarkably easy, considering that its modular units - including glazing panes - are prefabricated. Thus, during the installation process the requirements for manpower and equipment are minimum, contributing to lower cost and faster construction procedures.

Additionally, the benefits of the system extend to its typologies. SMARTIA M78 offers a variety of solutions: fixed units, units with projected windows or hinged windows, are included in its rich typology palette. Furthermore, corner constructions and integration of aluminium louvres, are also available possibilities of potential customization. M78’s versatility allows custom-made solutions depending on the requirements, making it the ideal choice for demanding projects.

SMARTIA M78 incorporates all the features that a modern unitized curtain wall system should have. The ease of installation and the competitive cost in combination with increased static robustness, resistance to wind load and the multiple customization options are the proof of its superiority. In conclusion, M78 is a reliable choice for high-rise buildings with demanding deadlines and increased quality requirements.

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