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Most sustainable company award alumil

ALUMIL among the 25 top companies with best Sustainability practices in Greece

In ALUMIL, we “build excellence every day”. Our motto motivates us to keep raising the bar of quality standards for the architectural aluminium systems we produce. However, our winning company culture does not stop with flawless products, but it is incorporated into every activity of ours. Recently, our company was named as one of “The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece for 2020”. We received this honor in respect of our consistency in sustainable corporate practices and the principles of circular economy that we apply as an organization. It is worth mentioning that ALUMIL is the only production company of architectural aluminium systems, that receives such an honor.

Particularly, on December 7th, Sustainable Greece 2020 virtual event was held. QualityNet Foundation received a large number of corporate portfolios and announced the 25 elite companies that meet the sustainability standards. The inclusion of a corporation in this list, is decided after evaluation from two different committees.

Our honorary distinction was based on our holistic approach on issues regarding sustainable development. Every factor that affects our production line was documented: from the raw material processing and the circular production model, to the Environmental Management System and aluminium recycling and re-casting methods. Furthermore, we focused on company’s actions on training and development of the personnel and also activities that help the local communities and are part of the corporate social responsibility strategy.

Our vision is to improve the quality of people’s lives and it is fulfilled not only through the development of premium products, but also through a sustainable business model that is human and environmentally friendly. This inclusion of ALUMIL in the significant list of “The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2020”, enhances our sustainable development policy , while we keep “building excellence every day”. We will continue taking initiatives that will ensure a bright and green future for generations to come!

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