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SMARTIA S67 URBAN: Industrial aesthetics and top performance!

The Industrial look has resurfaced as an architectural style, indicating a new direction in the construction industry. The number of buildings that follow this design approach is increasing worldwide. ALUMIL’s new hinged system, SMARTIA S67 URBAN, combines industrial look and high levels of performance.

The system is available in two versions with different energy efficiency level, the Standard and the Hi version. The design reflects a modern approach, while the real steel look is achieved by muntins that can be installed in various combinations, in order to divide the glazing in smaller parts and create the classic grid windows. Furthermore, the system can be supported by concealed hinges that significantly improve the general appearance.

Besides the aesthetics, S67 URBAN stands out for many other benefits. High energy efficiency is one of them. The system’s thermal insulation plays a key role in maintaining a constant temperature in the interior. As a result, the energy saving that is achieved, contributes also to money saving over time (reduced heating costs e.t.c.). Moreover, S67 URBAN provides triple glazing solutions and is characterized for its excellent three level water and air tightness through EPDM gaskets. One more crucial element is its sturdiness, which assures safety in combination with its excellent anti – burglary resistance (European Groove locking system).

ALUMIL is constantly searching for new product solutions that cover a wide range of needs. SMARTIA S67 URBAN is an outstanding system that highlights the industrial – steel look – aesthetics and is an excellent choice, either for new constructions or for renovations. 

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