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Parkview and Vista

Belgrade Waterfront: ALUMIL participates in the ambitious urban revitalization project

Belgrade Waterfront is one of the most ambitious revitalization projects in Europe that – upon its completion – will put Belgrade on the international map among cities with the best international Business and Residential centers in the world. The project includes a number of towers and lower scale buildings that will house apartments, offices, retail shops, restaurants and cafes.

Vista & Parkview, the two multi-story towers, have been constructed and are available for business and residential use. Only 2 kms from the historical center and the Kalemegdan park, the two skyscrapers are in the middle of various urban and cultural activities. Also, this area is close  to the Republic Square and National Museum, while its proximity to the vivid Sava riverbank area makes daily life adventurous, reminding us big cities that “never sleep”. The two towers have 23 stories each and are the most desirable residential buildings in the city. Daily life in Vista & Parkview brings a sense of metropolitan lifestyle and at the same time the beautifully designed garden spaces provide a calm environment. Furthermore, the view from the two skyscrapers to the park is an important part of the whole experience, because it creates an essential balance between innovative architectural design and natural element. Apart from the apartments, on the ground level of the buildings we find retail stores, cafés and restaurants.

Our company takes part in this remarkable project, equipping the two towers with SUPREME S77 and SMARTIA M50 systems. The main requirement was top thermal insulation performance, to achieve high energy efficiency in the buildings. Considering the height of Parkview & Vista, the standards for wind-pressure resistance were high, thus the certified SUPREME S77 hinged system was an excellent solution thanks to its durability against extreme weather conditions. Additionally, SMARTIA M50 is an advanced curtain wall system that offers increased static performance. As a result, the interior of the towers remains unaffected by weather variations, providing safety and harmony in daily life.

ALUMIL’s participation in a project that upgrades Belgrade and opens an international chapter for the city, is a testament to the leading presence of the company not only in the Balkan area, but in a global scale, wherever the most advanced architectural and constructive developments take place.

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