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Parliament house

ALUMIL Smart Gate was installed at the Greek Parliament House

During this challenging period, at a critical point of the COVID-19 pandemic, ALUMIL develops products that contribute to the decrease of coronavirus transmission. ALUMIL Smart Gate, the advanced device for contactless and highly accurate temperature measurement, is the flagship of the company’s products against the virus. 

The Greek Parliament House is now among the buildings that use ALUMIL Smart Gate at their entrances, using it as a preventing measure against a possible virus transmission. Recently, ALUMIL’s contactless temperature measurement devices were installed in several areas of the Parliament building complex. These areas are used either by MPs and staff or by the public (e.g. Parliament’s Library). 

Greek Parliament follows a number of institutions or corporations that selected ALUMIL’s innovative product. The list includes the Presidential Mansion, Acropolis Museum, school units, malls, retail shops, cafés and restaurants. Additionally, the significant global presence of the device is worth to be mentioned. In Europe, ALUMIL Smart Gate equipped public and private sector organizations. Recent examples are the Hungarian Parliament and schools or hospitals in Austria and Czech Republic, while many companies have expressed interest in purchasing the device. Outside the European territory, ALUMIL Smart Gate has been installed in U.S.A., India, Dubai, S. Korea and Brunei, highlighting its international character. 

The fact that the Greek Parliament House – the core of Democracy - trusted ALUMIL Smart Gate, in order to protect the health of MPs, staff and visitors, means a lot to us. But most of all, it inspires us to keep raising the bar of technological excellence by producing devices that help the society.  

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