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S700 balcony view

SUPREME S700: ALUMIL’s hurricane resistant frame system

Weather is an important factor during the decision process for new aluminium frames. This is because low-quality frames could show weakness under extreme climatic events and their performance will be limited.

Such heavy weather conditions are not rare nowadays. From the famous hurricane Katrina that hit United States in 2005 and Dorian that hit Lesser Antilles of Caribbean in 2019, to the Mediterranean cyclone Janus, which recently arrived in the west side of Greece, typhoons and storms could happen at several places in the world and affect anyone, regardless of the location.

In ALUMIL we face this reality with responsibility and we manage to be one step ahead, improving our systems and creating frames that are durable against intense wind load. SUPREME S700 is the perfect example: An advanced lift & slide system that represents the new generation of upgraded ALUMIL frames which cover large openings. S700 passed the internationally acclaimed “Miami Dade” test  against hurricanes and was officially certified for it.

In particular, S700 in double-sash meeting style typology, passed the aforementioned test according to TAS 202 and TAS 203 standards required in Florida. Thus, S700 successfully completed  4.500 repeated pressure cycles, while the safety test was conducted at 306 km/h wind speed. Finally, the system component was tested for its watertightness (155km/h – 1200Pa) and air permeability (air infiltration at 0,26m3/hm levels) exhibiting great endurance and notably high performance.

The success of SUPREME S700 in the globally recognized “Miami Dade” test, is a huge honor for ALUMIL. Most of all, it proves that the company rises to the occasion, developing frames that could resist heavy weather - even major hurricanes - securing people and providing them with a sense of safety. The extreme weather conditions due to the climate shift, require adaptability on our part. In ALUMIL, with the valuable assistance of our highly competent Research and Development department, we will continue producing premium quality aluminium systems and keep raising the standard.

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