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Broadway building complex

ALUMIL’s star shines in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the largest city of California state in the west coast of United States of America, is a mythical place. People from all around the globe come here in order to chase their dreams. “La La Land” city (the nickname of Los Angeles) transforms into a giant canvas in which human figures connect with each other and are blended with the main colors of the area: the yellow of the intense sun, the dark blue of the Pacific ocean and the green of the astonishing palm trees.

All these features are incorporated into the surrounding areas of Los Angeles county. Thus, almost 23 kilometers from the city center, near the coastal side of Santa Monica, a new ambitious project has begun. It is Broadway 500, a complex of four 7-storey buildings that upon their creation will house 249 residencies and shopping centers.

Koning Eizenberg, the architectural office responsible for the research and design, got creative freedom due to recent changes in Santa Monica strict rules about constructions. This event helped Koning Eizenberg architects to express their vision and so they designed four buildings that complement the external environment and do not put barriers to pedestrians. The openings in ground floor level maximize pavements, while glazing surfaces on shops and restaurants create a transparent feeling that is positive for bystanders.

A crucial strategic choice for the Broadway 500 design was the division of the whole structure to four smaller constructions. The buildings are connected with aerial walkways creating a sense of unity and allowing green intermediate spaces that improve the quality of living. The 249 apartments coexist to this multi-level structure, while recesses form beautiful balconies. The project was equipped with ALUMIL aluminium systems. In particular, SUPREME SD77 was used for the main entrances of the buildings, a thermally insulated system for entrance doors that is characterized by its elegant design and high security features. Moreover, the curtain wall system SMARTIA M6 was used for very effective for constructions with the need of large profiles and natural light. Finally, the apartments were equipped with SMARTIA S560 sliding system, which is ideal for covering large openings and provides high levels of thermal insulation, sound isolation and energy efficiency in total. All of the systems that were used are in line with ADA standards, offering ease of access for people with disabilities.

ALUMIL’s presence in areas like California, underlines the flexibility and adaptability of the company, that completes projects in any region of the world, using its vast international experience to meet the high standards required in every market. Broadway 500 is one more significant addition to the impressive and long catalog of our bright projects.

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