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Smart gat in the entrance of Acropolis Museum

ALUMIL Smart Gate at the Acropolis Museum

From the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, ALUMIL was on the “frontline”, creating products that could help society against this extreme situation. As part of its activities, the company developed ALUMIL Smart Gate, an innovative device for contactless and highly accurate temperature measurement.

Recently, Smart Gate was installed at the Acropolis Museum, a landmark for every visitor of Athens. The device is placed at the entrance of the Museum and measures the temperature of thousands visitors, without creating unnecessary delay. This addition is an honor for ALUMIL and at the same time significant for a place with such a large number of daily visitors, because it sets a good example for similar organizations in Greece.

The Acropolis Museum is now part of a long list of organizations and corporations that are equipped in order to secure their guests, customers and employees. Until now the device has been installed in many public buildings in Greece: Presidential Mansion, Ministry of Defense and Museum of Macedonian Struggle are some of them. Also, the device has been selected from companies such as the American Farm School, Metropolitan Expo, Olympia Electronics, Terna and many more. Additionally, Smart Gate “travels” in several countries, including Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria, which have purchased devices for schools, hospitals and other public sector buildings, enhancing their actions against a potential spread of coronavirus.

ALUMIL Smart Gate is the effective solution for buildings with constant passage of people. Thanks to the advanced technology of 18 sensors, the device produces instant indication when increased temperature is detected and, via sound notification, it detects people with increased temperature. In a crucial point of the pandemic, with patients increasing all over the world, safety in places where people gather is more important than ever.

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