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ALUMIL supports the cleaning operation of Thessaloniki seawater

ALUMIL, as part of its corporate social responsibility program and prioritizing the sustainable development, funds the cleaning process of Thessaloniki seawater in Thermaikos gulf.

After the proposition of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Macedonia-Thrace Sector in Thessaloniki, ALUMIL responded positively and proceeds with the funding – until the end of the year – of the anti-pollution  vessel “Alkippi”, that cleans the sea surface from plastic or non-plastic objects and phytoplankton.

In this way, it is ensured that the cleaning operation of Thermaikos sea water will continue for 4 more months and its condition will remain in line with the environmental standards and the aesthetically pleasant levels for visitors and citizens of Thessaloniki, that walk daily from the port to the Music Hall.

Thessaloniki coastal area is a trademark for the city and it is beneficial for everyone to maintain the seaside clean and preserve it as something special.

The protection of the environment is a prerequisite for the local development and ALUMIL puts high priority on both. Clean environment can lead to advanced quality in the way of life and this is the greatest gift to the next generation of people.

The respect for nature and the improvement of daily living conditions, will always be the compass that guides the actions of ALUMIL.

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