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Academic Practice 2020

Despite the closing weeks for schools and universities due to world wide pandemic we decided to continue our support for engineering students as we are already back to normality.

This week we welcomed economical engineering students from Polytechnic University of Tirana (Mechanical Faculty) to start the annual practice before graduation on Bachelor Course. Under very strict of health & security measures against the spread of Covid-19 we designed a special program allowing us to keep this training a yearly ongoing process aiming to promote engineering life.

Despite the fact the duration of the training lasted only one week because of preset short period available they were able to study major steps regarding the production of aluminum profiles for use architectonic applications. We assigned at least one supervisor of each line for trainees to closely observe and explain production processes along the factory of ALUMIL-ALBANIA

Having completed all the training then students will be able to easily interpret all the steps of how aluminum systems are developed starting from the very scratch to the packaging of products and delivering to clients. Each student presentation is going to be evaluated by the relevant board of university professors prior to graduation.

Our aim to empower engineering students has built a bridge of close cooperation between the company and the Polytechnic University of Tirana  and transformed it to a tradition through years.


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