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Alumil Academy

“ALUMIL Academy“ opens its doors with the vision to promote excellence

ALUMIL’s new academy with the name “ALUMIL Academy” has opened its doors to the fabricators’ community, in order to enrich the knowledge of its partners on how to offer premium products and services. The syllabus of “ALUMIL Academy” was created aiming at a lifelong education over the company’s products, whether they are brand new products or existing ones. Furthermore, a significant goal of the academy is the fast and effective integration of new partners into ALUMIL’s family.

The syllabus was created in accordance with the internationally accepted academic method. The objectives of the academic courses and of each module are sorted into three levels, based on the dominant trends of the global literature and practice: knowledge, capabilities and attitude. Based on all the above, “ALUMIL Academy” offers technical education on all architectural systems, including theoretical and practical approach. In addition, a sequence of various educational modules are offered in order to provide a holistic training, such as glass and frame installation, introduction to aluminium, overcoming quality problems, glass-panes, management, production, costing, “green” skills and much more.

The training modules last from 4 to 80 hours and are available for all partners of ALUMIL. Every educational program offers the ability to participate actively in order to enrich effectively the trainee’s knowledge. The constant goal and priority of ALUMIL is the mutually beneficially cooperation with its partners, leading to development and progress always aiming at building excellence.

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