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ΑLUMIL Society: Social Contribution at the Center

Social contribution is at the core of our activities, aiming to improve the living conditions of our fellow citizens.
For ALUMIL, success is not just about extensive business activity and manufacturing excellence. The key element for a company’s wider success is its contribution to social well-being. Through the various and deliberate actions of corporate social responsibility, we aim to support people who struggle in life as we organise actions which lead to a healthier social environment.

173 final reports in ArXellence 2

Our international architectural competition, aiming to redesign the western waterfront of Thessaloniki, gathered 1473 subscriptions from 90 countries and 173 final submissions.

Initiatives against COVID-19

We have taken initiatives to reinforce the health infrastructure or buildings with a high concentration of people, through the donation of masks, partition systems, contactless temperature measurement devices etc.

Donation of 10.000€ worth aluminium profiles

We donated frames to organizations and childcare associations and in general to people who struggle in life.

Our Actions

Sponsorships - Financial support

Sponsorships - Financial support

We stand by associations of social contribution or organizations that support groups of fellow citizens in need. At the same time, we fund actions or initiatives that promote knowledge, innovation and the general development of people.
Frame replacement - Donations

Frame replacement - Donations

As a company active in the field of aluminium architectural systems, we donate frames to schools, childcare associations, hospitals and wherever else there is an immediate need for such interventions. Thus, we reinforce the building structures and improve the daily life of those who live within.
The ArXellence institution

The ArXellence institution

The ArXellence architectural competition is highly important for ALUMIL and aims to reach out to the international architectural community and promote the principles of sustainable construction and development.

The latest version of the competition, ArXellence 2, managed to draw the attention of architects from all around the world towards Thessaloniki as well as offer a platform of 173 architectural proposals for the redesign and upgrade of the western waterfront of the city.

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