Awarded Proposals

“ArXellence 2”, ALUMIL’s international architectural competition endorsed by UIA, was successfully completed on Saturday, November 21st, with the announcement of the 6 prizes and 4 honorable mentions by the international Jury.

The competition reopened the discussion about the redesign of Thessaloniki’s urban space and created a platform full of inspirational architectural ideas regarding the redevelopment of the city’s western waterfront through an innovative Central Business District.

The participation of the global architectural community exceeded our expectations: 1.464 registrations from 90 countries leading to 173 submitted proposals.

1st Prize

Project title: The Lodge
Competitor ID: d15bd86f-2938
Name of participant: Alejandro Piqueras (ALE Studio)
Country: Spain

2nd Prize

Project title: The Green hub – A resilient vision for Thessaloniki
Competitor ID: 20d6099c-5616
Names of participants: Angeliki Tzifa, Sofia Nikolaidou
Country: USA

3rd Prize

Project title: Thessaloniki Green Pier
Competitor ID: c24d129b-ca90
Names of participants: Mircea Mogan, Alexandra Virlan (Mogan Architecture)
Country: Netherlands

4th Prize

Project title: Bioclimatic Urban Lighthouse
Competitor ID: 7fcb61a5-e4bc
Names of participants: Alberto Mizrahi, Guillermo Lesch, Osvaldo Alvarez Rojas, Valeria Franck, Federico Menichetti, Leticia Alfaro, Philippa Jane Page
Country: France

5th Prize

Project title: De–fragmenting the Productive City_the case of Thessaloniki’s CBD
Competitor ID: 6a1e10a2-7174
Names of participants: Maria Chrysoula Akrivou, Antonis Athanasiou
Country: Netherlands

6th Prize

Project title: A view of the bay. A glance at the future
Competitor ID: 5fc57b05-4a53
Names of participants: Marco Broekman, Floris Van der Zee, Martha Seitanidou, Jordy Stamps, Yunshih Chen, Timothy Simons, Marina Lysenkova
Country: Netherlands

Honorable Mentions

Next steps:

  • The Organizer is preparing a book containing all the submissions of the Competition.
  • The online award ceremony will be held in December 2020.
  • A public exhibition will be held during 2021, if the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.