Jury report

December 2020


The Jury report has been published on the website.

Competition results

November 2020

“ArXellence 2”, ALUMIL’s international architectural competition endorsed by UIA, was successfully completed on Saturday, November 21st, with the announcement of the 6 prizes and 4 honorable mentions by the international Jury.

The competition reopened the discussion about the redesign of Thessaloniki’s urban space and created a platform full of inspirational architectural ideas regarding the redevelopment of the city’s western waterfront through an innovative Central Business District.

The participation of the global architectural community exceeded our expectations: 1.464 registrations from 90 countries leading to 173 submitted proposals.

ALUMIL has published a press release for the "ArXellence 2" competition results.

Precise dimensions of the existing buildings included in the competition area

August 2020

Dear Participants,

In case you would need to get extremely precise dimensions of the existing buildings included in the competition area, you could optionally follow the instructions you can find in the document in the "Downloads" section. This is an alternative way, apart from the Google Earth already provided, to retrieve more information, dimensions from the site of the competition.

Announcement about statistical results of the registration period of “Arxellence 2”

July 2020

Dear Participants,

We would like to take the opportunity to share some interesting statistics regarding the dynamics of “Arxellence 2”, a unique global architecture ideas competition, with an enormous potential to change the way in which the misused western coast of Thessaloniki is perceived. We are, at first, happy to announce a total number of 1.464 registrations from 90 countries. The top 20 countries in relation to the number of registrations are the following:

  1. Greece (185)
  2. Egypt (118)
  3. Serbia (97)
  4. India (89)
  5. France (78)
  6. Romania (74)
  7. Italy (69)
  8. UK (64)
  9. Spain (63)
  10. Bulgaria (49)
  11. USA (35)
  12. Albania (33)
  13. Portugal (30)
  14. UAE (29)
  15. Germany (27)
  16. Russia (26)
  17. Netherlands (20)
  18. Iran (17)
  19. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  20. Colombia (14)

Furthermore, by grouping the registrations from all countries, we get the following interesting allocation:

Number of RegistrationsCountries
185-101Greece, Egypt
100-51Serbia, India, France, Romania, Italy, UK, Spain
50-10Bulgaria, USA, Albania, Portugal, UAE, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Iran, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Colombia, China, Lebanon, Montenegro, Turkey, Mexico, Syria, Cyprus, Sweden, Croatia, Brazil, Switzerland
10>Argentina, Ukraine, Palestine, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Australia, Austria, Poland, Algeria, Sudan, South Africa, Iraq, Indonesia, Philippines, Belgium, Tunisia, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Armenia, Canada, Qatar, Chile, South Korea, Nepal, Kosovo, Georgia, Panama, Finland, Japan, Denmark, Jordan, Latvia, Libya, Faroe islands, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Moldova, Slovenia, Uruguay, Somalia, Malta, Norway, Puerto Rico, Bhutan, Uganda, Ireland, Morocco, Palestine, Bahrain, Cambodia, Nigeria, Costa Rica Singapore, Luxembourg, Malaysia

The great international interest, for the UIA “Arxellence 2” competition, augurs well for a successful outcome.