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Foundry Quarter


Almost 70 kilometers west of London, Reading is a city with a population of more than 300 thousand people, which keeps growing each year. The city’s thriving reputation as a business hub has attracted new corporations and entrepreneurs. As a result, housing remains a significant issue to be addressed. The derelict retail park across Weldale Street in central Reading, within walking distance from the rail station, got approval for a regeneration that would comprise the new residential complex of the region.


The main vision of the architectural office AWW that designed the new project was the creation of a new community with extended open and green spaces. According to the architects’ statement regarding Foundry Quarter “integral to the project are the public open spaces, gardens and private courtyards, allowing people to sit, relax and socialize.”
The main characteristic of the neighboring building environment is the distinctive red brick. This is totally respected by the new design and it is evident throughout the whole structure of the complex. The apartments are ideal for the new global “working from home” condition, as the buildings provide modern lounge and recreational areas.
In the project there was used two advanced aluminium systems, in order for the buildings to enhance the required high performance in all areas. Thus, thermal insulation, sound reduction and security remain in exceptional levels, making daily life conditions easier.
The Foundry Quarter offers the city of Reading a modern residential option. Young businessmen, digital nomads and entrepreneurs can live and work there, in a smooth, safe and creative way.


Architects: AWW Architects

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