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Silence is Golden: Why International Noise Awareness Day Matters

Since 1996, the last Wednesday in April has been recognized worldwide as International Noise Awareness Day. This annual event was established by the Center for Acoustics and Communication to bring attention to the harmful effects of noise on our hearing, health, and quality of life. 

What is noise pollution?  

Noise pollution refers to the excessive and unpleasant sound caused by human activities or natural phenomena. In recent years, research conducted among urban residents has shown that noise significantly hinders comfortable living. As a result, acoustic comfort has become the top priority for modern people who want to live and work in places that protect them from extraneous noise. 

Effects of noise pollution on hearing  

Noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss, affecting over 450 million people worldwide. The World Health Organization has estimated that more than one billion young people aged 12 to 35 are at risk of hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to loud noises, usually from recreational activities in leisure areas (e.g. deafening music in concert halls). 

Effects of noise pollution on health 

Exposure to noise pollution can damage our physical and mental health in many ways. Chronic exposure to noise has been linked to increased stress and anxiety, aggressive behaviour, heart disease, stomach upset, Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. 

Effects of noise pollution on quality of life 

Exposure to extraneous noise can significantly reduce our quality of life, often causing sleep disturbances and affecting our daily activities at home, such as studying, playing, watching TV, resting, or talking to family members or friends. 

How to achieve acoustic comfort in your home 

At ALUMIL, we are committed to improving people's quality of life, and acoustic comfort is our top priority. We develop aluminium systems that offer certified sound insulation, helping create spaces that enhance everyday living conditions. Our frames can significantly reduce noise pollution, ensuring everyone can enjoy peace and relaxation in their home. Watch the video to get a taste of our advanced soundproofing booths and witness how our SUPREME S91 hinged thermally insulated system, with its certified 41dB sound reduction, can address the problem of noise pollution.

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