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March 2023
18 March, World Recycling Day: Recycling today for a better tomorrow
World Recycling Day, established in 2018, is celebrated every year on 18 March in more than 175 countries worldwide, aiming to raise awareness among citizens, companies and governments.
Impressive new gate solution for SMARTIA FC80 fencing system
SMARTIA FC80 is ALUMIL's top fencing system, which is characterized by the wide range of decorative materials it can support and stands out for its robustness, as well as the variety of technical solutions it offers.
Knowledge without borders: Training of 250 fabricators in Romania by ALUMIL and Architectural Aluminium Academy
With the vision to move the construction industry into a new era, that of sustainable building design and construction, ALUMIL Romania and Architectural Aluminium Academy organized a series of specialized seminars in Bucharest.
ALUMIL Green Ambassadors in action: The first park clean-up for 2023
At ALUMIL, we believe that great things are done by a series of small things brought together. In line with this principle, Green Ambassadors’ small actions, such as the clean-up of a local park, contribute to environmental awareness.
The dream team of ALUMIL systems at BAU 2023
ALUMIL will take part in BAU 2023 - its 13th consecutive participation – exhibiting the most advanced systems the company has developed until now.
8th of March 2023: International Women's Day
For all of us at ALUMIL, gender equality is granted and put into practice every day through. As in all areas, in the field of gender equality, we look beyond the obvious and take a step forward
February 2023
Event Center - Ayia Napa Marina: ALUMIL’s advanced systems at the spectacular project
Ayia Napa Marina is one of the most important construction projects in Cyprus and the wider Eastern Mediterranean. ALUMIL participated in a building that is the trademark of the Marina, the Event Center. It is a modern event venue that aspires to become a magnet for visitors and businesspeople arriving on the island of Aphrodite.
Humanitarian aid to the earthquake victims in Turkey
Responding immediately to the urgent needs of those affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey.
Culinaris Canteen: Our systems in the restaurant of the “Mind Park” industrial center in Serbia
Culinaris Canteen is a modern restaurant-event center created to meet the needs of employees and visitors at the Mind Park industrial-technological center in central Serbia.
1st Open Innovation Day by Architectural Aluminium Academy:
Recognizing the crucial role of innovation in the long-term business success and sustainable growth of the construction industry, Architectural Aluminium Academy organized the 1st Open Innovation Day, which took place on January 16 at the Grand Hotel Palace in Thessaloniki
The Arctic is changing: Why should we care?
At ALUMIL, we believe that the earth is our home, and its protection is our main concern. Therefore, we follow a sustainable development model and systematically invest in initiatives to protect the environment, as is reflected in the ESG reports we publish, an act of responsibility towards our stakeholders.
World Wetlands Day: How is wetlands’ protection linked to the global water crisis?
World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2 February, the day the Convention on Wetlands was signed in Ramsar, Iran, in 1971. The mission of the “Ramsar Convention”, which includes 1.524 wetlands covering 520 million hectares, is “the conservation and wise use of all wetlands through local and national actions and international cooperation”
January 2023
ESG goals: We promote sustainability by setting ambitious goals that bring measurable results
Following our 3rd ESG Report issued in October 2022, our company, in collaboration with the Center for Sustainability and Excellence, has designed a new three-year ESG plan regarding our goals to promote sustainability in the areas of Environment, Society and Corporate Governance.
SMARTIA M450 - New pocket typologies
SMARTIA M450 is a new generation system for sliding and lift & slide frames, which ideally meets the requirements of modern buildings.
BAU 2023: ALUMIL at the leading trade fair in Munich
With a history spanning 50 years, BAU is the leading international trade fair for architecture and materials and it is a benchmark for the building industry.
December 2022
Education Week in Efkarpia: Moving forward, together.
11 new Consultants from our subsidiaries in Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia participated in the training program that we held on 21-25 November at our premises in Efkarpia (Thessaloniki), in cooperation with the Architectural Aluminium Academy.
November 2022
SUPREME S700: Discover the new Eclipse version
The lift & slide system SUPREME S700 is one of ALUMIL's most advanced products, with the ability to cover wide window spans and high thermal insulation performance. The system, which fully meets the modern trends of "transparent" architecture, has now been enriched with the new Eclipse solution.
European Week for Waste Reduction: 6 ALUMIL initiatives for sustainable resource and waste management.
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. This is the motto of the European Week for Waste Reduction, an annual European initiative that encourages companies operating in Europe to take sustainable resource and waste management actions for the week of 19-27 November, based on the ideas of waste reduction, product reuse and recycling.
October 2022
3rd ESG Report: We continue on our path to sustainability.
The values of sustainability and circular economy are at the heart of our business strategy. With the basic principle that the earth is our home and with a vision for younger generations to inherit a place where they can live and create as they dream, we choose the path of sustainable development, investing in "green" actions that contribute to the environment’s protection.
August 2022
SUPREME SD95 entrance door system certified for Passive Houses
SUPREME SD95 is a robust and elegant entrance door system by ALUMIL that has been used in a variety of projects all over the world. Recently, the system received a certification from the Passive House Institute. This distinction is for its performance in warm, temperate climate zone.