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Zeus is Loose Hostel


The construction of a contemporary hostel in the most central square of Thessaloniki was a special challenge that required proper design, modern aesthetics and the assurance of maximum comfort for the visitors that would choose to stay there.


The transformation of a 70s’ office building into a "warm" hospitality establishment for travelers or local tourists was not an easy task. The Urban Soul Project team that undertook the architectural design of Zeus is Loose played a defining role in this transformation. All the interventions that were made in the building served the vision for a modern hostel, maintaining at the same time the aesthetics of the area.
The multi-story building provides a magnificent view in Aristotle square and the aluminium systems that cover the wide window spans enhance the unobstructed view and natural lighting. The copper color was selected for the frames, as its presence is evident on the Byzantine church that exists opposite the building and on the surrounding urban fabric. 
On the interior, we find rooms for 2, 4 and 6 people, with a design that follows minimal aesthetics and clean lines, while creating comfortable spaces. At the same time, the use of the mosaic maintains a balance between yesterday and today. On the sixth floor of Zeus is Loose there are the common areas, with sofas, playroom, kitchen, dining areas, while, on the seventh floor, the Nectar Distillery bar, with its relaxed atmosphere and an impressive pergola that covers the outside area, offers the most beautiful view of the city center.
Zeus is Loose draws inspiration from Greek mythology and connects the present with the past of the city, in a fresh and youthful way. This is a hostel that offers all the necessary services of a modern hospitality organization, inviting the visitor to live like a local and experience memorable moments.


Architects: Urban Soul Project

Project identity

1850 sq.m
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19th km of Thessaloniki – Serres
+30 23940 71468

Corporate Social Responsibility



increase in the number of women at all hierarchical levels



οf training for our people and industry professionals



use of recycled aluminium in our annual production

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