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Zapadoceska Energetika


The building was going to house the headquarters of an established, big company in Czech Republic. The main priority was the creation of a robust construction that would provide comfortable and functional working spaces.


Zapadoceska Energetika A.S. (ZCE), one of the leading corporations in energy field of Czech Republic, decided to build its headquarters in the western part of the country and more specifically in Plzen.
The building that houses the central offices of  ZCE and was designed by architect Vaclav Drchal  is a combination of strict design and modern approach. Concrete and glass are blended and the construction’s straight lines are interrupted by the impressive curves and semicircles. The modular structure not only highlights the aesthetics, but it also protects the building against any type of shaping distortions that may be caused due to seismic activity or oscillation.
In the façade, the  semistructural curtain wall system gives the construction a strong designing identity, contributes to its static robustness and enhances the natural lighting, while through the many reflections that are created, the building seems to be changing appearance throughout the day. Furthermore, the tilt n’ turn insulated aluminium windows, reinforce the energy performance and functionality of the building and complement the designing result. On the external side of the building the open and well-designed parking lot for employees and visitors stands out.

The headquarters of Zapadoceska Energetika in Plzen, Czech Republic, are a perfect example of architecture that serves the needs and use of a building. More importantly, the design provides an efficient environment for those who work there, without overstating its value.


Architect: Vaclav Drchal

Project identity

Czech Republic
2800 sq.m
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Corporate Social Responsibility



increase in the number of women at all hierarchical levels



οf training for our people and industry professionals



use of recycled aluminium in our annual production

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