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ArtHill eco Villas


The choice to construct 5 villas in one of the most popular areas of Sithonia region in Chalkidiki, Greece, came with the prerequisite of respect to tradition in combination of the contemporary values of  sustainability and circular economy. 


ArtHill eco Villas are consisted of 5 two-level villas that were created as touristic accommodation, designed to offer a unique experience to each visitor. From the beginning, the main issue was the integration of Greek tradition and hospitality in the buildings’ approach. A warm sense that would embrace every person that lives inside. 
The architects Panagiotis Karagiannis and Tina Gkountara incorporated this philosophy to the design of the 5 buildings, making them approachable to everyone that seeks personal balance with a “feels like home” style.
The external element that stands out is of course the stone on the façade that brings the traditional vibes and reminds us of the long history of Nikiti (the name of this small town in Chalkidiki). Each villa has private pool, terrace, minimal pergola and a small garden, from which the guests can harvest vegetables and herbs for their meals.
Going to the interior we can easily notice the continuity of the stone element, which combined with elegant wooden details gives a friendly and anthropocentric personality to the 55 sq.m. of each building. In addition, the modern thermally insulated aluminium systems provide a very up-to-date touch to the constructions, while – due to their design – allowing the covering of large window spans and contributing to the diffusion of abundant natural light inside. It is worth noting that every villa is energy efficient through solar panels. 

The 5 villas that constitute ArtHill eco Villas communicate the vision of high quality accommodation and total relaxation. However, they don’t forget the crucial issue of our times: the sustainability and protection of the environment. 


Architects: Panagiotis Karagiannis and Tina Gkountara

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