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Recognition for the 3rd consecutive year at the Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2023!

Our company was honoured at the Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2023 for the third consecutive year, excelling in the “Environment” category under the “Resource Management, Raw Materials, and Environmental Footprint” theme. During the event held on December 12, we received recognition for the “OK Recycled” certification from TÜV AUSTRIA, representing our commitment to utilising 60% recycled aluminium in manufacturing all our architectural profiles. 

Our dedication to aluminium recycling is a cornerstone of our sustainable practices, actively reducing our environmental impact while conserving energy and resources. By engaging in secondary aluminium production from recyclable materials, we can achieve remarkable energy savings of up to 95% and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 76%. Being the first company in Greece and among a select few globally, certified under the “OK Recycled” scheme underscores our commitment to transparency and credibility in using recycled content. 

For over a decade, Bravo! has been a vital platform fostering dialogue and acknowledging initiatives driving sustainable development, shaping a future-oriented Greece and nurturing a widespread ethos regarding sustainability. Organisations across diverse sectors annually showcase their initiatives and endeavours within an expansive Social Partners and Active Citizens network. These actions are meticulously recorded in the Sustainability Observatory and scrutinised against specific criteria by Special Evaluation Committees and the General Public, culminating in recognising initiatives garnering the highest commendations. 

The recognition bestowed upon us at this year's Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards fills us with immense joy and fortitude. This acknowledgement motivates us to persist and emboldens our commitment to safeguarding the environment and realising enduring sustainability goals.

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