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Alumil's corporate actions for the past year

ALUMIL 2021: The best corporate moments

During this past year, ALUMIL was active at all fronts, opening up new business paths internationally. It was definitely one more year in which the coronavirus pandemic made life difficult and affected the global economy. Nonetheless, 2021 was a significantly successful year for the Group.

Regarding the development of new products, the company continued to raise the bar reinforcing Research & Development. New systems were launched, providing innovative solutions for a wide range of projects. Respectively, ALUMIL kept participating in demanding projects around the world, confirming the flexibility and variety of its product portfolio.

In the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, this year proved to be a particularly fruitful one. The ArXellence 2 Exhibition and the 2nd Sustainable Development Report stood out. As for the distinctions, the company received multiple awards and was included in lists with the top companies in Greece, further enhancing its position.

Every new year is full of new challenges that seek solutions. 2021 was a successful year, that strengthened ALUMIL’s brand internationally, but most of all improved people’s lives, through state-of-the-art architectural aluminium systems.

International Projects

Pendrel project

Pendrell – Vancouver

1770 Pendrell is a contemporary 21-story tower, constructed in the West End, one of the most densely populated regions in Vancouver. The spectacular building stands out for its impressive architectural design, as its mass is divided into two separate blocks, bringing a sense of movement.

Foundry Quarter – Reading

Foundry Quarter offers the city of Reading a modern residential option. Young businessmen, digital nomads and entrepreneurs can live and work there, in a smooth, safe and joyful way. ALUMIL’s advanced and certified systems complete the final result, adding high performance and unparalleled aesthetics.

Foundry project
National Gallery of Greece

National Gallery of Greece – Athens

ALUMIL participated in the project with a plethora of architectural aluminium systems. One of them is SMARTIA M50, an advanced curtain wall system. The other two systems are SMARTIA S560 (Lift & Slide) and SMARTIA S67 (casement). They completed the construction by providing functionality and high-performance levels. 

Wilde StayCity – London

The modern apartments of Wilde StayCity in London are equipped with ALUMIL’s exceptional hinged system, SUPREME S77, which contributes to the overall design approach and at the same time provides high efficiency in terms of thermal insulation, sound reduction and air/water-tightness.

Staycity Wilde project

New Products

aluminium system M35

Smartia M35 Curtain Wall System

The superiority of M35 lies in its flexibility and exceptional minimal design. Practically, it is a system with just 35mm of visible aluminium face width. This fact renders it an exceptional solution for projects with such a prerequisite, e.g. hotel lobbies, museum facades, exhibition spaces, shop displays and buildings that require an outstanding, transparent façade in general.  

New Fencing Systems

The 3 new fencing systems of ALUMIL stand out for their robustness, the wide range of technical solutions and their high customization level, providing always a unique, tailor-made result. These systems are SMARTIA FC10, FC60 and FC80 and they have been developed in order to cover the most demanding construction needs.

Aluminium fence
Winter view though aluminium windows


SMARTIA M450 meets the demanding requirements of today’s buildings and provides modern design and high thermal insulation.  Its minimal design – only 25 mm of visible aluminium at the interlocking profile – distinguishes it,  offering natural lighting and enhanced visual connection with the external environment.

Barcode Cladding

Barcode Cladding is ideal for covering large surfaces with impressive design. From commercial and office buildings to modern residences, ALUMIL’s new wall cladding series can support any construction. The system offers a wide range of profiles and colors and can be perfectly combined with LED lighting, perforated profiles and composite wood products, such as Woodalux®.

Aluminium system barcode cladding placed on a building



GSB International – Highest quality seal as a Premium Coater

ALUMIL became the first industry in Greece with Premium Coater & Sea Proof Plus certification in aluminium architectural systems by GSB International. It is worth noting that ALUMIL was the first Greek extrusion company with a GSB certification for its surface treatments since 2003.

Inclusion to Athex ESG stock market index

ALUMIL is among the first 35 companies in Greece that meet the criteria for inclusion to Athex ESG. This is a new stock market index, which will monitor the performance of companies regarding the environment, social activities and corporate governance.

Speeker of diamonds awards

Award at the Diamonds of Greek Economy

This award complemented the significant progress that has been achieved regarding the administrative and digital transformation, the heavy investment in Research & Development, the innovative initiatives such as ArXellence and ALUMIL Academy and, most importantly, the company’s ever-growing presence in the international markets.

Superbrands 2021

For the 3rd consecutive time, ALUMIL stands out in the Superbrands awarding ceremony, receiving once again the award as one of the top corporate brands in Greece! The glamorous event, which was held on the 1st of December, was attended by businessmen and entrepreneurs from all areas of Greece’s economic activity.

Superbrands awards

Corporate Social Responsibility


aluminium scrap

New aluminium recycling unit

Following our main intention to enhance our operation with production processes that minimize our carbon footprint, we invested 4.6m Euros in a new aluminium scrap separation unit, which was recently created in our facilities in Greece, to enhance our recycling processes.

2nd Sustainability Report

During 2021 our company published its 2nd Sustainability Report, enhancing its green and sustainable strategy. The Report offers complete insight into the Group's activities regarding the environment, corporate governance, human resources and social responsibility.

Modern minimal building
Arxellence exhibition stands

ArXellence Exhibition

In September,2021, the focus of the global architectural community was in Thessaloniki. The official exhibition of the international architectural competition that was organized by ALUMIL was held with total success, receiving excellent reviews from the architectural world, the institutions and especially the citizens of Thessaloniki.

Green Ambassadors

Last year, Green Ambassadors, the voluntary team of ALUMIL’s employees, celebrated one year since their official creation. The main goals of the team were to raise the awareness of the company's people around ecological issues and to take initiatives in order to protect the environment with actions both inside and outside the company.

Alumil Green Ambassadors

Training - Partners

Alumil academy people

ALUMIL Academy: the first graduates

The first graduation of ALUMIL Academy took place in December. The students in Thessaloniki, Greece, completed the 600 hours of training in the program "Aluminium Frames Technician". Among the graduates of the Academy were craftsmen, builders, fabricators, but also people who made their first step in the aluminum industry.

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