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AlumilCal Database Update - 11871

  • Prices (for Romania only) have been updated to the latest nominal price lists
    of Alumil
  • General
    • Added new system S650 Pocket (Important Notice: Subsill is
    • added as an addon profile and the gutter as a Wall connection)
  • Accessories & Hardware
    • Added new gasket to S35019 (wall connection) in the following
      systems: S350 Pocket, S350 LT Pocket, S560 Pocket, S560 LT
    • Added 360-77-950-XX hinges for flush door typologies when we
      have frame insertion profile S67982 or S77982
  • Series M9660
    •  Added GU Unijet D in PVC groove hidden sash typologies
    •  Added couplings for profiles M19716 & M19736
  • Series M8200
    • Fixing screws for M8200 base profile corrected
  • Series SD115
    •  Added 4 new typologies with threshold S11536 and the additional
      profiles S11537 & S70773
    • Added accessories 210-11-536-03 (Central gasket for SD115
      threshold), 250-11-514-03 (Frame gasket SD115), 250-11-516-03
      (Frame gasket SD115) & 310-11-536-00 (threshold connection
    • Central gasket 220-10-003-03 was replaced with the central
      gasket 250-11-514-03 in all typologies. Central gasket 220-10-004-
      03 was replaced with 250-11-516-03 in vent-frame head condition
  • Series S350 LT
    • Alignment corners for sashes S35011 & S35013 corrected.


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