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SUPREME S650 e-Motion: Innovation in motion!

Have you ever wondered what a house with electrically motorized frames would be like? Do you work from home and want to have complete control over your windows, without any distractions? ALUMIL’s Research & Development team, always one step ahead regarding the modern needs of a house, designed and developed SUPREME S650 e-Motion, the advanced sliding aluminum system that operates with electric motion!

The S650e-Motion is basically the automated version of the SUPREME S650 PHOS series. Therefore, it shares all the innovative features and top performance of the initial model, adding the great advantage of electric motion. The innovative design of the electric version, in combination with the concealed mechanism, ensures the totally smooth motion of the system, without making any compromise on its functionality, security and aesthetics.

SUPREME S650 e-Motion is ideal for covering wide spans, as it provides robustness and wide, uninterrupted view. Besides, the 25mm of visible aluminum at the interlocking profile (where the two sashes meet), underlines its minimal design. Also, the main element of the system is the concealed profiles that are totally integrated into the wall and enhance the minimal aesthetics. At the same time, the system has been enriched with new meeting stile and corner typologies which offer even greater flexibility. Finally, it is worth noting that although the system is fully remotely controlled, there is the option of manual operation in case of emergency, while in case of electricity outage it can still operate seamlessly thanks to a battery included in the mechanism.

It is fair to say that the future of window and door systems will include remoted control and operation. SUPREME S650 e-Motion is an aluminum system that arrives from the future to make your life easier and put your daily activities… into motion!

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