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ALUMIL Smart Gate at the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus

ALUMIL Smart Gate, the advanced device for contactless temperature measurement, is being installed at an increasing number of buildings around the world, providing highly accurate results and functioning as a preventive measure.

The innovative device has been placed in several landmark buildings such as the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece or the Parliament House in Hungary. Recently, one more significant building has been equipped with the device: The Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus. ALUMIL Smart Gate will help to the process of ensuring that each person who enters the Presidency will have normal temperature levels. Thus, the device will function as a protective “shield” against a potential COVID-19 spread.

It is worth mentioning that Cyprus is the newest addition to an extended list of countries that selected ALUMIL Smart Gate for various public or private buildings. U.S.A., Dubai, S. Korea, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic are some of the countries in which the device has been installed. Also, international organizations trusted ALUMIL Smart Gate in order to monitor people that enter their facilities in a daily basis. The well-known REWE supermarket chain in Germany & Austria and the central offices of Budapest Bank are two noteworthy examples.

During this challenging global health crisis and while the COVID-19 pandemic still negatively affects people and countries worldwide, our company keeps distributing a device that contributes to the process of prevention. ALUMIL’s innovation and manufacturing excellence know no borders. Smart Gate is a technologically advanced device that is designed to play a key role to people’s health protection, especially in crowded places.


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