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V-Blocker: The new partition system for protection against COVID-19

The new hygiene & safety rules imposed under these difficult circumstances are a challenge for businesses and stores. Our innovative character and experience in the designing of partition systems for workplaces, have led to the development of a new complete system ensuring hygiene & safety rules.

The new partition system SMARTIA P19 V-Blocker was developed for protection against COVID-19 and offers a unique solution fully harmonized with the needs of the special period we are going through. It consists of an aluminium frame and a set of transparent or non-transparent panels that can be mounted on it. It is ideal for dining and leisure areas (restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.), beauty & hair salons, workplaces, shops, public services, businesses, and any other place that hosts many people every day.


The main features of SMARTIA P19 (V-Blocker)

  • It consists of an aluminium frame with minimal design and high robustness
  • The maximum dimensions of the self-standing partition are: 1.60 x 1.00 m (HxW)
  • Possibility to mount polycarbonate sheets, as well as plexiglass, safety glass, wooden or aluminium panels, etc.
  • A combination of the above materials can be mounted on the partition system


The advantages of SMARTIA P19 (V-Blocker)

  • Security & protection against COVID-19
  • Easily movable
  • Modular design and robust construction to avoid accidents
  • Excellent quality and durability of materials for intense long-term use
  • Optimal transparency that ensures natural light distribution & visibility
  •  Elegant design and the possibility of unlimited design combinations to upgrade the aesthetics of each space

ALUMIL, as one of the most innovative companies in the field of international aluminum architecture systems, constantly listens to the needs of the market during this difficult time and develops solutions that are important "weapons" against the pandemic that affects the whole world. Products that contribute to the successful implementation of precautionary measures are now essential so that people returning to normal daily routines remain as protected as possible.

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