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SMARTIA M630 PHOS provides solutions with high quality insect screens

The minimal sliding system SMARTIA M630 PHOShas been enriched with new excellent insect screen solutions, which retain the same minimal aesthetics as they are concealed in the system’s tracks. More specifically, the new typologies that were added are the double horizontal sliding sash typology with integrated insect screen and the four sashes meeting stile typology with integrated meeting stile insect screen.

SMARTIA M630 PHOS offers high aesthetics in modern houses combining minimal design with excellent performance:

  • Minimal design

Elegant constructions with extensive glass surfaces that enhance natural light. Concealed aluminium profiles with built-in wall option and interlocking profile with a width of only 44 mm.

  • Energy saving

Great design ideal for "green" buildings focusing on energy and money saving. Impressive thermal performance with a Uw value reaching 1,2 W/m2K.

  • Ultimate Comfort

High level of certified sound insulation and excellent functionality with very easy sliding and smart locking mechanism (international patent).

  • Easy access

Low threshold with a height of just 32 mm with the option of on the floor or flush-to-floor installation. Ideal for children, the elderly and people with special needs.

The new insect screen solutions upgrade the system further by offering more options that improve the everyday life of end-users.

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